Step 1: Install the iSCSI Provider on the Head Node


Updated: January 13, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft HPC Pack 2012, Microsoft HPC Pack 2012 R2

The first step in the deployment process of iSCSI boot nodes is to install on the head node the provider for your iSCSI storage arrays.


You can install only one iSCSI provider on the head node of your HPC cluster. For more information about supported iSCSI providers, see Steps for Deploying iSCSI Boot Nodes with Microsoft HPC Pack.

To install the iSCSI provider on the head node

  1. On the head node of your HPC cluster, close HPC Cluster Manager if it is currently open.

  2. Download or copy the installation files for the iSCSI provider to the head node.

  3. Install the iSCSI provider by running the Windows Installer file (a file with the .msi extension) that is included with the installation files, or by following the instructions provided in the documentation that accompanies the installation files.

  4. After the iSCSI provider is installed, open HPC Cluster Manager.

  5. To verify that the iSCSI provider is installed properly, in Configuration, in the Navigation Pane, click iSCSI Deployment. If the iSCSI provider is installed properly, the Required iSCSI Deployment Tasks list is displayed, and information about the iSCSI provider that you installed is listed under Head node configuration.