Monitoring the FAST Search Web crawler with command line tools

FAST Search Server 2010

Applies to: FAST Search Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-04-15

The FAST Search Web crawler has two monitoring command line tools, the crawleradmin tool (crawleradmin.exe) and the beadmin tool (beadmin.exe). They are respectively used for monitoring the FAST Search Web crawler and the Browser Engine.

The crawleradmin tool has multiple statistics and status commands. Refer to crawleradmin.exe reference for a description of the output of the statistics commands. The detail of information shown depends on the command that is used.

The beadmin tool has two monitoring commands status and statistics. The status command returns information of all active threads in the Browser Engine. The statistics command gives overall statistics information.

In addition, the statistics command outputs information on the Browser Engine extractors. An extractor is used to extract links and construct HTML from the processed Web item. For each extractor the average, maximum and minimum processing time is displayed as well as the number of total links the extractor has found.

For detailed information, refer to beadmin.exe reference.