FAST Search Server 2010

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-12-20

Updates the properties of a full text index.

Set-FASTSearchMetadataFullTextIndex -FullTextIndex <FullTextIndex> [-Description <String>] [-StemmingEnabled <Nullable>]
Set-FASTSearchMetadataFullTextIndex -Name <String> [-Description <String>] [-StemmingEnabled <Nullable>]

This cmdlet enables/disables stemming and changes the description of a full text index. This cmdlet contains more than one parameter set. You may only use parameters from one parameter set, and you may not combine parameters from different parameter sets. When doing simple operations, there is no difference between using the FullTextIndex versus the Name parameter. The only difference is when using the Name parameter you look up the full text index each time, while when using the FullTextIndex parameter you use the object you already have a reference to. However, when dealing with operations involving a large set of objects (for example iterating over all categories), avoiding extra lookups by name can be slightly more efficient. For more information about how to use parameter sets, see Cmdlet Parameter Sets.

Stemming is the process of reducing words to their base form or expanding to all known forms to increase recall. Whether stemming is done through reduction or expansion depends on the language in which the content is written.


Parameter Required Type Description




An object representing the full text index to be updated.




Name of the full text index to be updated.




A new description to use for the full text index.




Enables or disables stemming for this full text index.

---------------EXAMPLE 1-----------------

Set-FASTSearchMetadataFullTextIndex -name content -description "Central content repository"

This example updates the description of the existing full text index named “content”.

---------------EXAMPLE 2-----------------

Set-FASTSearchMetadataFullTextIndex -Name content -StemmingEnabled 1

This example enables stemming on the full text index named “content”. The content of the full text index must be recrawled/re-fed for this change to take effect.