FAST Search Server 2010

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2010-03-04

Creates a new rank profile to calculate relevance in queries.

New-FASTSearchMetadataRankProfile -Name <String> [-Template <RankProfile>]

A rank profile controls the relevancy calculation for a query. It consists of several components which are weighted so that the relevancy calculation fits the content. See Set-FASTSearchMetadataRankProfile for more details.

A rank profile can either be created with default values, or based on another existing rank profile using the Template parameter.

The rank profile is typically specified as part of a query. If no rank profile is specified in the query, the default rank profile is used.


Parameter Required Type Description




The name of the new rank profile.




An object representing the rank profile that will serve as a template in creating the new rank profile.

---------------EXAMPLE 1-----------------

New-FASTSearchMetadataRankProfile -Name newrankdistribution

This example adds a new rank profile based on the default settings. The new rank profile is called “newrankdistribution”.

---------------EXAMPLE 2-----------------

$rankprofile_template = Get-FASTSearchMetadataRankProfile -Name newrankdistribution
New-FASTSearchMetadataRankProfile -Template $rankprofile_template -Name ExtraRankProfile

This example adds a new rank profile based on an existing rank profile called “newrankdistribution”.

---------------EXAMPLE 3-----------------

$new_rank_profile = New-FASTSearchMetadataRankProfile -Name ImprovedDefault

This example specifies a new rank profile to use as the default rank profile for the FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint.