This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Troubleshooting the DPM System Recovery Tool

Updated: April 21, 2010

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

The following table provides troubleshooting guidance on DPM System Recovery Tool (SRT) issues.

DPM System Recovery Tool Issues


Issue Possible Cause Resolution

On the computer that you are recovering, the Recovery Center Rollback Wizard suspends during the progressing state. After you restart the computer, it remains suspended.

This issue occurs when there are communication problems between the DPM SRT server and the protected server.

To resolve this issue, close and then restart the Recovery Center Rollback Wizard.

The restore operation fails.

When you replace a disk that has crashed with a disk that contains partitions, the restore operation may fail.

Replace the disk that has crashed with one that does not contain any partitions.

Volume attributes and access control lists (ACLs) do not restore properly.

This issue may be due to the following:

  • Compressed volumes are restored as expected; however, you must set compression attributes manually.

  • DPM does not restore the security attribute of the root of a volume.

If the recovery fails, we recommend that you restart the computer with a Boot Client CD, and then delete the contents in the temporary folder at the root of the volume.

The recovery sets included in a recovery point appear as unspecified in the user interface.

During a restore, the recovery sets included in a recovery point are not populated in the user interface and appear as unspecified.

If this issue occurs, you must close the user interface, restart the DPM System Recovery Tool Data Store service, and then restart the restore operation.

After you create a new recovery set, it does not appear in the user interface.

If the schedule console is already open, the new recovery set may not appear.

To resolve this issue, refresh the user interface. If the new recovery set still does not appear, close and then restart the user interface.

Application data is not in a consistent state on FAT32 volumes.

DPM SRT backs up FAT32 volumes as live volumes and cannot guarantee an application consistent state of data, or provide a single point for all files in the volume.

No resolution for this issue.

DPM SRT does not work correctly.

A previous version of Recovery Manager may have been installed before installing the DPM SRT.

Uninstall any previous versions of Recovery Manager before installing the DPM SRT.