Appendix: Reports

Updated: August 2, 2010

The Operations Manager Management Pack includes the following reports.

  • The Data Volume by Management Pack report compiles information on the volume of data generated by management packs. The report lists the number of occurrences per management pack for the following data types:

    • Discoveries

    • Alerts

    • Performance (number of instances submitted for performance counters collected by management pack)

    • Events

    • State changes

    The purpose of this report is to provide insight into which management packs are driving the data volumes in your environment so that you can establish baselines and identify opportunities for tuning. From this report, you can obtain more specific details per management pack, using the Data Volumes by Workflow and Instance report.

  • The Data Volume by Workflow and Instance report compiles information on the volume of data generated, broken down by workflows (discoveries, rules, monitors, etc.) as well as by instances. There are two ways to access this report:

    • In the Data Volume by Management Pack report, click one of the counts cells in the table at the top of the report to open the Data Volume by Workflow and Instance report for the management packs.

    • Run the report directly from the Reporting section in the Operations console. If you run the Data Volume by Workflow and Instance report directly, you should set the parameters of the report to customize the results; this report is designed to provide details for information in the Data Volume by Management Pack report and so the default parameter settings may not provide the information you are looking for.

  • The Agent Counts By Date, Management Group and Version report compiles information on the Operations Manager agents deployed in your environment. You can use this report to track the progress of agent deployments and the current distribution of agent versions. You can filter the information in the report by adjusting the parameters for date and time, aggregation, and management group.

    By default, the report will contain data for all management groups that have data in the data warehouse database.

  • The Agents by Health State report displays a list of all health services on agents, management servers, gateway servers, and the root management server. Health service states that you can select to include in the report are the healthy state (green), warning state (yellow), critical state (red), and unavailable state (gray). You can select to include or exclude computers that are in maintenance mode in this report. The report includes the length of time that each unhealthy health service has been in that state.