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Managing the Self-Service Portal

Updated: December 1, 2010

Applies To: System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1

The Self-Service Portal is used by end users to contact help desk personnel for help requests. Users can also view announcements, search the knowledge base, perform tasks, and manage their requests. In particular, an important task they can perform includes requesting software, which is deployed as a software package by System Center Configuration Manager. Items in the Portal node of the Service Manager console are used to inform users about help desk personnel contact information and to configure software approval and deployment processes. Items in the Portal node are also used to specify information about Configuration Manager so that Service Manager can retrieve software packages. Use the following procedures to configure the Self-Service Portal so that users can request software.

When you view a software package in the Self-Service Portal, software packages that are classified under multiple deployment processes appear only in the last deployment process or category in which the package was classified.

In This Section

How to Set the Configuration Manager Configuration
Describes how to set the Configuration Manager configuration that is used by Service Manager to retrieve software packages.

How to Set End User Portal Contact IT Settings
Describes how to publish contact information that Self-Service Portal users can view.

How to Configure a Software Deployment Process
Describes how you can configure software deployment processes for approval and deployment.

How to Publish Software Packages
Describes how you can publish software packages in the Service Manager console.

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