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Managing an Incident

Updated: December 1, 2010

Applies To: System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1

The procedures in this section describe how to manage incidents by using System Center Service Manager 2010.

For a detailed description of the complete scenario for managing incidents and problems, see Sample Scenario: Managing Incidents and Problems.

Help desk analysts use incident management to restore regular operations as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible by creating new incidents. They also work in partnership with Service Manager administrators to ensure that incidents that are created automatically or by end-users are correctly categorized and reassigned to appropriate personnel. Methods that analysts use to accomplish these duties include:

  • Using the E-mail Incident template to create new incidents

  • Reviewing automatically created incidents, such as those automatically created from System Center Operations Manager 2007 using the Operations Manager Alert connector

  • Reviewing and updating incidents created by end-users who have sent requests by e-mail

  • Publishing announcements for incidents to the Self-Service Portal, when necessary

Follow these steps to manage an incident.


Task Description

Step 1: How to Manually Create a New Incident

Describes how to create new incidents in response to a call from a user or from an e-mail request.

Step 2: How to Change an Existing Incident

Describes how to make changes to an incident in response to new information.

Optional step: How to Contact a User From an Incident Form

Describes how to contact a user by e-mail or instant message while you have an incident form open.

Step 3: How to Create an Incident View and Personalize It

Describes how to create a view of incidents that match the criteria you define.

Step 4: How to Resolve and Close an Incident

Describes how to resolve and close an incident after the underlying problem is solved.

Optional step: How to Publish an Announcement for an Incident

Describes how to publish an announcement for an incident to all Self-Service Portal users.

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