This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Run a Task From an Incident View

Updated: December 1, 2010

Applies To: System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1

Use the following procedure to run a task, such as the Ping task, from an Incident view.

To run a task from an Incident view

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Work Items, and then select any Incident Management view. Select an incident in the view, and notice that in the Tasks pane, under <Incident Name>, the Ping Related Computer task appears.

  2. In the Tasks pane, click the task to run it. For example, Ping Related Computer. If a computer is not associated with the incident, you must specify the name of the computer to run the task on. If more than one computer is associated with an incident, choose one to run the task on.

  3. If the task logs actions into the action log, you can open the incident and view the action log to see the output that the task generated.

  4. If the Console Task Output - <Task Name> box appears, verify the output generated by the task, and then click Close.

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