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Configuring Change and Activity Management in Service Manager

Updated: December 1, 2010

Applies To: System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1

As part of your initial Service Manager configuration, you have to configure settings and workflows for change and activity management. Create a change request template that you can use later when new change requests are submitted.

Configure workflows to automatically close completed change requests and send notifications to users when activities require approval. Workflows automate processes that you can use to automatically apply templates and send notifications.

A change request template is useful when you create a change request for a recurring type of issue because you can set an issue category and define a standard priority, effect, and risk level for it in the template. You can also create additional templates for other types of recurring change requests. Another benefit of creating a change request template is that users spend less time when they submit new change requests.

In this scenario, for example, you want all change requests that modify the IT messaging infrastructure to be categorized by functional area.

In This Section

How to Create Change Request Templates
Describes how to construct a change request template to create change requests.

How to Create a Manual Activity Template
Describes how to create a manual activity template.

How to Configure General Change Settings
Describes how to configure settings that are used to specify a change request prefix and to define change request attachment limits.

How to Configure General Activity Settings
Configure settings that are used to specify prefixes for activities.

How to Configure Change Management Workflows
Describes how to configure change request conditions that can apply a change request template and send notifications.

How to Configure Activity Management Workflows
Describes how to configure activity management conditions that can apply an activity template and send notifications.

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