Objects the management pack discovers


Applies to: Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint

Topic Last Modified: 2010-05-17

When Operations Manager 2007 knows about an object type (such as the type of Forefront server), it must determine which computers actually have objects of these types. This process is called discovery. When Operations Manager 2007 discovers an object, the management pack begins monitoring it. In addition, Operations Manager 2007 discovers relationships between objects.

There are several classes that Operations Manager 2007 can discover. These include:

  • Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint registry key

  • Types of scan jobs

  • Engines

  • FPSP services

The Microsoft Forefront Server Protection Management Pack uses Windows PowerShell scripts for product discoveries and tasks. If FPSP is installed on a managed server, the PowerShell Execution Policy Level must be set to "RemoteSigned". There is a timed rule ("Execution Policy Checker") in the management pack that checks and sets the Execution Policy on FPSP servers every 10 minutes. You can disable this rule by overriding it. If you change the Execution Policy Level to a higher level (AllSigned or Restricted), management pack product discoveries and tasks will not work.

All of the objects in this management pack are automatically discovered. For information about discovering objects, see Object Discoveries in Operations Manager 2007.