Configure specific sizes of individual PerformancePoint dashboard zones and/or items with zones


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

Topic Last Modified: 2010-03-11

When you create a dashboard by using PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, you start by selecting a page template. Each template contains one or more dashboard zones in a particular arrangement. However, you are not limited to those configurations. You can easily add zones, remove zones, and configure the sizes of your zones. And, if you have too many items to fit on one page, you can easily add another page to your dashboard.

Add, remove, or change the sizes of your zones

Add a page to your dashboard

After you select a template for your dashboard you can configure the size of one or more zones in your dashboard. As you add zones to a dashboard page, all the zones are automatically resized to accommodate the additional zones.

If you add too many zones to a single page, your dashboard items might appear so small that they are difficult to view or are overwhelming for dashboard users. In addition, chart legends might not appear correctly.
To add or remove a zone
  1. In the center pane click the Editor tab.

  2. Right-click the Dashboard Content section, and then click one of the following:

    • Add Left. Adds a new zone to the left of the pointer

    • Add Right. Adds a new zone to the right side of the pointer

    • Add Above. Adds a new zone above the pointer

    • Add Below. Adds a new zone under the pointer

    • Split Zone. Divides the zone nearest the pointer into two zones of equal size

    • Delete Zone. Removes the zone nearest the pointer

To change the size of one or more dashboard zones
  1. In the center pane click the Editor tab.

  2. In the Dashboard Content section, right-click the zone that you want to configure. Or, if the zone contains an item, right-click the header of the zone, and then click Zone Settings. The Zone Settings dialog box opens.

    • On the Size tab, specify width and height settings for the dashboard zone. Zones can only be sized based on percentage and cannot be auto-sized or sized to specific pixel counts.

    • On the Orientation tab, arrange the items in the zone. You can select Horizontal, Vertical, or Stacked. The Horizontal option arranges multiple items in a row. The Vertical option arranges multiple items in a column. The Stacked option layers multiple items in the same location on the dashboard page. Dashboard users use a drop-down list to switch between the items.

    • Click OK to save your changes and close the Zone Settings dialog box.

You can easily group many reports and scorecards in a single dashboard and keep it easy to use by adding pages to your dashboard. And you can use a different template for each page. When you have more than one page in your dashboard, you can display a page navigator across the top of your dashboard, which enables dashboard users to easily navigate through the pages.

To add a page to a dashboard
  1. In the center workspace pane, click the Editor tab. In the Pages section, click New Page to open the Select a Dashboard Page Template dialog box.

  2. If you want the page navigator displayed, then click the Properties tab and check Include page list for navigation.