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Create a Windows HPC SharePoint Site

Updated: April 12, 2010

Applies To: Office SharePoint Server 2007, Windows HPC Server 2008

This topic describes how to create a new site called “HPC Jobs” that can be used to submit and monitor jobs on a Windows® HPC Server 2008 cluster. The procedure includes steps to create a new site, define site users, and add the HPC Web Parts to the site. To see screenshots of the HPC Web Parts, see What is Included in the HPC Pack 2008 SharePoint Integration Sample.

The domain users or groups that use the HPC SharePoint site need to have user permissions on the HPC Server 2008 cluster.

To complete the steps in this topic, you need the following permissions:

  • To create a SharePoint site, you must have administrative permissions to Office SharePoint Server 2007 or be a member of a site group that has the Create Subsites permission.

  • To verify connectivity to the head node and functionality of the site, you must be logged in to the computer and to the SharePoint site with domain credentials that have user or administrator permissions on the cluster.

The HPC Web Parts attempt to connect to the cluster with the credentials that you used to log on to the computer. If you are using Windows Authentication (Kerberos) and are not logged on to the computer and to the SharePoint site as a domain user with user permissions on the cluster, you will see various error messages while adding the Web Parts and creating the site, and you will not be able to properly preview it. If you need to use separate credentials, you can use the SharePoint administrator credentials to create the site. To verify functionality, you must log on to a computer (either the server or a client computer) using domain credentials that have Read permissions to the site and user permissions on the cluster.

The HPC Web Parts pass user credentials to the head node to access the job list. If your site uses Windows Authentication (Kerberos), this will require a ‘double hop’ for the credentials (from the client, to the SharePoint server, to the head node). This is not automatically supported, and the user will see credentials errors. You can enable Basic Authentication in IIS for you SharePoint site to achieve the ‘double hop’. For more information about authentication methods, see Plan authentication methods (Office SharePoint Server).

Step 1: Create a new site and define groups

Before completing the steps in this procedure, ensure that the HPC Web Parts solution has been deployed to the SharePoint server and that the head node has been specified as described in Deploy the HPC Web Parts Solution and Specify the Head Node.

To create an HPC site

  1. Open your Web browser and browse to http://YourServer, where YourServer is the name of your SharePoint server.

  2. Click Site Actions, and then click Create Site.

  3. In the New SharePoint Site page:

    1. In Title, type HPC Jobs.

    2. In Description, type Submit and monitor jobs on the HPC cluster.

    3. Specify a URL name for the new site. For example, //YourServer/HPCJobs.

    4. In Select a template, on the Collaboration tab, select Blank Site.

    5. In User Permission, select Use unique permissions.

    6. Click Create.

  4. In the Set up Groups for this Site page:

    1. In Visitors to this Site, select the Create a new group radio button.

    2. Name the group HPCSiteUsers.

    3. Type or browse to specify one or more domain users or groups that are also added as users on the HPC cluster.

      A site user must have at least User permissions on the cluster to use the HPC Web Parts.

    4. Optionally, specify additional members and owners for the site.

    5. Click OK. You now see your blank HPC Jobs site.

Step 2: Add the HPC Web Parts

The following procedure describes how to add the HPC Job List Web Part to the site, create a new Document Library called Shared Documents, and create two pages in Shared Documents for the HPC Job Submit and the HPC Job Details Web Parts named JobSubmitPage and JobDetailPage, respectively.

You must use these exact names for the document library and the web pages. The actions in the HPC Job List Web Part use these names to call the HPC Job Submit and the HPC Job Details Web Parts.

To add the HPC Web Parts

  1. Add the HPC Job List Web Part:

    1. In the HPC Jobs SharePoint site, click Site Actions, and then click Edit Page.

    2. In the Left zone, click Add a Web Part.

    3. In the Add Web Parts dialog, under Miscellaneous, select HPC Jobs List, and then click Add.

    The Job List Web Part immediately attempts to connect to the head node to display the job list. If there are any issues with the connection, a message box will appear describing the error. For more information, see the Troubleshooting the HPC Web Parts section in this topic.

  2. Create a document library called Shared Documents. This is where the Job Submit and the Job Details pages will go.

    1. In the HPC Jobs SharePoint site, click Site Actions, and then click Create.

    2. Under Libraries, click Document Library.

    3. In Name, type Shared Documents.

      You must type this name exactly. The actions in the HPC Job List Web Part use this name to call the HPC Job Submit and HPC Job Detail Web Parts.

    4. In Description, type HPC pages.

    5. Click Create.

  3. Add a page for the HPC Job Submit Web Part:

    1. In the HPC Jobs SharePoint site, click Site Actions, and then click Create.

    2. Under Web Pages, click Web Part Page.

    3. In Name, type JobSubmitPage.

      You must type this name exactly. The Create New Job action in the Job List Web Part uses this name to call the HPC Job Submit Web Part.

    4. In Choose a layout template, select Full page, Vertical.

    5. In Document Library, select Shared Documents.

    6. Click Create.

    7. On the JobSubmitPage, add the HPC Job Submit Web Part.

    8. Click Exit Edit Mode.

  4. Verify the connection between the job list and the job submit pages:

    1. On the job submit page, click Cancel. This returns you to the job list page.

    2. On the job list page, click Create New Job. This opens the job submit page.

    3. If the job submit page is not found, verify that the page and document library names match the names that the Create New Job action is expecting. The expected path is displayed in the address box in your Web browser after you click Create New Job.

  5. In the HPC Jobs SharePoint site, follow the same steps to add a page for the Job Details Web Part. Name the page JobDetailPage, add it to the Shared Documents library, and add the HPC Job Details Web Part to the page.

  6. On the JobDetailPage, exit edit mode and then click Back to return to the job list.

Step 3: Verify functionality of the site

To verify that the site is working properly, you can submit a test job to the cluster. You need to log on to the computer as a domain user with the following permissions:

  • Read permission on the SharePoint site that includes the HPC Web Parts.

  • User or Administrator permissions on the HPC cluster.

To submit a test job

  1. Open a Web browser and navigate to your HPC site, for example //YourSharePointServer/HPCJobs.

  2. Verify that the Job List Web Part displays a list of cluster jobs.

  3. Click Create a New Job.

  4. In Job Name, type SharePoint test.

  5. In the Job Submit page, click the Task List tab.

  6. In Task Properties:

    1. In Task Name, type Hello.

    2. In Command, type echo hello.

  7. Click Add Task. The task now appears in the task list.

  8. In Password, type your password, and then click Submit.

  9. The SharePoint test job appears in the job list.

  10. Click the job ID, and then click View Job.

  11. The Job Details Page displays the details of your job. Click the Results and Statistics tab to see the state of your task and the Allocated nodes.

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