This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

How to Uninstall Essentials Reporting Server From a Remote Database Server

Updated: July 26, 2010

Applies To: System Center Essentials 2010

Use the following procedure to remove System Center Essentials 2010 Reporting from a remote database server.

To uninstall Essentials 2010 Reporting, you must log on to the remote database server with an account that is a member of the Microsoft SQL Server Administrators group. Otherwise, Essentials 2010 Reporting is not uninstalled.

To uninstall Essentials 2010 Reporting Server from a remote database server by using Add or Remove Programs

  1. Log on to the remote database server on which Essentials Reporting is installed with an account that is a member of the SQL Server Administrators group.

  2. Open Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs.

  3. In Add or Remove Programs, remove System Center Essentials 2010.

  4. When prompted, select whether to retain or remove Essentials data. If you retain the data, the database(s) will remain attached to their current SQL Server database server.

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