Forefront UAG installation troubleshooting flow

Published: January 11, 2010

Updated: April 8, 2010

Applies To: Unified Access Gateway

This topic is designed to help you troubleshoot and resolve installation issues not covered in Installation common issues. The topic is divided into the following sections:

Flowchart for troubleshooting the installation

The following flowchart guides you through the steps required for troubleshooting the installation. See the sections following the flowchart for additional information.

Setup troubleshooting flow

Hardware and Software requirements

Prerequisites List

  • Server is not a domain controller.

  • Windows Firewall service is not disabled.

  • ISA Server is not installed (pre Forefront TMG).

  • A Windows Installer server/client task is not running.

  • Another program does not require the computer to reboot.

  • A Forefront UAG product is not installed.

  • This is the only running instance of a Forefront UAG installation.

Check the Forefront UAG Setup log files

Check the Setup log files located in %ProgramData%\Microsoft\UAG\Logs. Look for lines with “Value 3”. The lines above this return value usually identify the error.

Check the Forefront TMG Setup log files

Check the Setup log files located in %Windir%\Temp. Look for lines that indicate failed custom actions. The lines above the failed CA lines usually identify the error.

Check the SQL Server logs

Check the SQL Server setup log directory %program files%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\setup bootstrap\Logs, and look for filenames that include the word “summary”.

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