View and Export Results for Saved Reports


Applies to: Office 365 Enterprise, Live@edu, Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

Topic Last Modified: 2012-04-07

In Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE), reports are updated at six-hour intervals, displaying data for the previous six hours. For all saved reports, you can view updated report information from the Saved Reports pane on the My Reports tab. You can also export the report data to a separate file. Supported export formats include XLS, CSV, MHTML (Web archive), and PDF. Reports are exported in English only, even if the FOPE Administration Center pages have been translated into your local language.

How to view a saved report and export report data
  1. On the My Reports tab, click the name of the report from which you want to export data. The report appears in a new browser window.

  2. To export your report, on the navigation toolbar above the report, in the Select a format list, click the output format for your report results.

  3. Click Export. The report is generated in the format you selected.

  4. When prompted, open the file or save it a new location.


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