About the folder structure


Topic Last Modified: 2010-05-14

After you install the management packs, a folder structure is created in the Operations Manager 2007 Operations Console, under the Monitoring space. All folders are views of monitored items, except for those folders that contain subfolders (that is, only the lowest level folders view monitored items).

The top level folder is called Microsoft Forefront Server Protection 2010. It contains subfolders common to all Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite products (Alerts, Task Status, and Common), plus the Forefront Protection for Exchange Server folder. The Forefront Protection for Exchange Server folder contains subfolders that are specific to Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server (FPE). For more information about working with views, see Working with views and Views reference.

This is the folder structure for the common elements and for Forefront Protection for Exchange Server. All items not labeled "(folder)" contain views.

      Microsoft Forefront Server Protection 2010 (folder)
          Task Status
          Common (folder)
                    Engines (folder)
                              Engine State
                              Engine Update Alerts
                    License (folder)
                              License Alerts
                              License State

          Forefront Protection for Exchange Server (folder)
                    Task Status
                    Scan Job Performance (folder)
                             Realtime Scan Performance
                             Scheduled Scan Performance
Transport Scan Performance