Software Development Kit

Microsoft BizTalk 2013 Accelerator for RosettaNet (BTARN) includes a software development kit (SDK) that includes a full programmer's reference and guide. Additionally, the SDK includes utilities and samples that could make your operations and back-end integration easier.


The BTARN SDK includes the following samples:


Utility Use


To undeploy all BTARN artifacts from the BizTalk Server group of the host computer


To import or export configuration data


To import a certificate


To submit an action or response message to a trading partner


To submit an action or response message from an ASPX page to a trading partner


To generate a loopback agreement, setting BTARN up on a single computer

Message Editor Pipeline Component

To edit automatically any part of a multipart message within a send or receive pipeline

Message Inspector Pipeline Component

To examine all the parts of a multi-part message and the message context


To troubleshoot problems with a message instance


To troubleshoot failures in decrypting messages


The BTARN SDK includes the following samples:


Sample Demonstrates


How to send notifications when a message has arrived


How to run special validation rules on a message received by the orchestration from the trading partner

FileTransport Sample

How to use File ports, instead of SQL ports

GetMessages Sample

How to retrieve messages from one of the non-repudiation tables or one of the LOB tables in a readable form

Message Submission ASPX Sample

How to submit service content to a private process

Tracking Sample

How to display the current status of messages and processes

3A4 Private Responder Orchestration Using a Business Rule

How to implement a responder private process incorporating a business rule

Double Action PIPAutomation Orchestration

How to implement an orchestration to automatically generate responses for double-action Partner Interface Processes (PIPs)

3A2 Request to 3A2 Response Map Sample

How to map a 3A2 request to a 3A2 response

3A4 Request to 3A4 Response Map Sample

How to map a 3A4 request to a 3A4 response

PrivateInitiator Sample

How to implement the initiator private process

PrivateResponder Sample

How to implement the responder private process

HubScenario Sample

How to manage message transmission in a hub scenario

Send Pipeline

How to implement a send pipeline

Receive Pipeline

How to implement a receive pipeline

Message Editor Pipeline Sample

How to modify the contents of an incoming message

Schema Samples

How to modify schemas


How to prepare a message for RNIF processing, and send the message to the RNIFReceive.aspx page at the responder


How to receive an RNIF message, and prepare it for processing by the BTARN public process

Stopping and Starting Orchestrations, Send Ports, and Receive Locations Programmatically

How to stop and start these artifacts dynamically

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