Overview of Web Page reports in Dashboard Designer


Applies to: SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise

Topic Last Modified: 2010-05-25

In PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer, a Web Page report is a report type that you can use to display a Web site in a dashboard. You would typically use Web Page reports for purposes such as the following:

  • To add textual details about other reports that are on the dashboard page. For example, you might use a Web Page report to help users understand the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are in a scorecard and what actions they should take when a KPI is off target.

  • To add a Web site, such as a financial news page that displays alerts, stock market activity, and news bulletins to a dashboard targeted at sales, marketing, or finance professionals.

  • To display a report, such as a Visio Graphics Service report, an Access Services report, or a Project Server report that you cannot create by using Dashboard Designer.

  • To add a blog or a forum that displays discussion threads and user comments on a new product in a dashboard page.

These are only some examples of how a Web Page report can be useful. A Web Page report displays an internal or external site in a Web Part that you can then include in your dashboard, either as a single item on the page or as an item alongside other dashboard items.

The site that you display in a Web Page report is live and fully functional, exactly as it is in a typical Web browser. However, Web Page reports do not typically have filtering and exporting capabilities that are available in other PerformancePoint report types.

  • Dashboard filters   In general, you cannot connect a dashboard filter to a Web Page report. However, depending on the site that is displayed in the Web Page report, you might be able to add a parameter to the Web site address (URL) that is specified for the report.

  • Exporting information   Dashboard users cannot export a Web Page report to Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Excel by using the Web Part menu for a Web Page report. To capture the information displayed in a Web Page report, dashboard users can print the report by using the Print toolbar commands for the Web browser.