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Project Failure creating a Project workspace

Project 2010

Applies to: Project Server 2013, Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2013-12-18

Element ID / Rule Name:   Project_Failure_Creating_A_Project_Workspace

Summary:   Microsoft Project sites are created asynchronously on project publish through the Project Server Queue Service. This applies to projects published from Project Professional and those published using Microsoft Project Web App alike. This alert occurs when asynchronous Project site creation fails.

Cause:   Failure creating a project workspace may be caused by any of the following reasons:

  • An invalid template. If the administrator has incorrectly extended the Project Site template, or has incorrectly deployed the template, site creation using that template may fail.

Possible resolutions include the following:

  • Attempt to create a Project site manually to determine whether the site template is valid. If site creation succeeds, the problem may be related to other operations that occur during Project site creation, such as site linking or user synchronization. If Project site creation fails, review the Windows Event log and trace logs and troubleshoot accordingly.

  • If the problem persists, determine whether the underlying Project Server Interface methods that support site creation are functioning correctly. If the site is provisioned correctly through the user interface (which is a synchronous operation), the problem may be related to the queue.

  • Create a Project site manually

    1. Log on to Project Web App as an administrator.

    2. On the Site Actions menu, click Site Settings.

    3. In the Site Administration section, click Sites and Workspaces.

    4. On the Sites and Workspaces page, click Create.

    5. On the New SharePoint Site page, select the options that you want and then click Create.

      You must specifically choose the Microsoft Project site template.
  • Verify that the underlying Project Server Interface methods that support site creation work.

    1. Log on to Project Web App as an administrator.

    2. In the Quick Launch, click Server Settings.

    3. In the Operational Policies section, click Project Sites.

    4. On the Project Sites page, select a project that does not have a site, and then click Create Site.

    5. In the Create Project Site dialog box, enter this project site in the Site URL box and then click OK.

      Notice that, as you type the path in the Site URL box, the URL displayed to the right of the Destination URL label is automatically updated.

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