Authoring Pane

Use the Authoring pane of the Essentials 2007 console to configure Management Pack objects, distributed applications, and groups.

In This Section

Management Pack Templates and the Add Monitoring Wizard
Provides information about how templates and the Add Monitoring Wizard are used to create and target custom Essentials 2007 object types.

Distributed Applications
Provides information about Distributed Application Designer in Essentials 2007.

Provides information about the logical collections of objects, or groups, in Essentials 2007.

Management Pack Objects
Provides information about Management Pack objects (attributes, monitors, object discoveries, rules, tasks, and views) in Essentials 2007.

Provides important information about correctly targeting your monitors, rules, and views.

Provides general information about using overrides to modify settings for monitors, rules, and so forth.

Web Application Editor
Provides information about how synthetic transactions can be used to evaluate Web site performance.

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