In Essentials 2007, groups are logical collections of objects, such as Windows-based computers, hard disks, or instances of Microsoft SQL Server. You create a group by using the Create Group Wizard, and you use one or more of the following criteria to establish membership for the group:

  • A list of the objects' names.

  • A formula that dynamically populates the membership of the group, such as a formula that adds domain controller objects to the group.

  • Other groups.

  • A list of the objects' names to exclude from the group.

In Essentials 2007, you use groups for the following purposes:

  • Create views for specific groups of objects and approve members of an Essentials 2007 user role to see the views. For example, you can create a state view for the Messaging group and approve members of the Messaging Operators user role to see the Messaging view. For more information, see Views.

  • Use overrides to disable or adjust the configuration of a monitor that is applied to a group of, or individual, managed objects.

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