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IMAPI v2.0
What Is IMAPIv2?

IMAPI v2.0

Okay, so this isn’t exactly breaking news. We were made aware of this way back in June when it happened, but, we’re sorry to say, we’re just a little slow with getting the word out on this one.

Better late than never, right?

So what’s the big news? The big news is that the Image Mastering API v2.0 (IMAPI2), which shipped with Windows Vista, is available for download for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003:

What Is IMAPIv2?

The Image Mastering API version 2.0 is a pretty cool thing for script writers. It allows you to not only get information about your CD and DVD drives, but it allows you to actually burn CDs and DVDs.

Here’s a story for you (and it’s even based on a true story). Once upon a time, very recently, a Windows administrator received an ISO image that needed to be burned to CDs. Unfortunately, when this administrator tried to burn the image to a CD using the standard Windows CD burning functionality there was a bit of a problem. The image burned just fine…sort of. What ended up on the disc was the .iso file itself, not the files that made up the image. Not exactly what this person was looking for.

Then along came IMAPI2. One simple script was all that was needed to burn the ISO image properly to a CD.

This is just one example of how useful IMAPI2 can be, and the fact that this API is scriptable is a very useful thing to system administrators and other script writers everywhere. If you want to know more about writing scripts to work with CDs and DVDs see these articles: