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Converting the Windows Script Host EnumNetworkDrives Method

Windows PowerShell

Definition: Returns the current network drive mapping information.


Need a list of all the mapped drives on a computer? That information can be retrieved using the Get-WMIObject cmdlet and the Win32_LogicalDisk class. In the following command, we use Get-WMIObject and the –query parameter to retrieve all instances of the Win32_LogicalDisk class where the DriveType property is equal to 4; as you probably figured out, any drive with a DriveType of 4 is a mapped network drive. After retrieving the collection of mapped network drives we then use Select-Object to filter out all the returned information except for the DeviceID and ProviderName properties; that’s done to provide parity with Windows Script Host and the EnumNetworkDrives method.

The command itself looks like this:

Get-WMIObject -query "Select * From Win32_LogicalDisk Where DriveType = 4" | Select-Object DeviceID, ProviderName

And the output will look similar to this:

DeviceID                                    ProviderName
--------                                    ------------
M:                                          \\atl-fs-001\Users
X:                                          \\atl-ws-007\Public

Incidentally, you can also use Get-WMIObject to return drive mapping information for a remote computer. To do that, simply add the –computername property followed by the name of the remote machine:

Get-WMIObject -computername atl-ws-001 -query "Select * From Win32_LogicalDisk Where DriveType = 4" | 
Select-Object DeviceID, ProviderName

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