RD Web Access Migration: Appendix A: Migration Data Collection Worksheets

Updated: July 19, 2010

Applies To: Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

Use this worksheet to record the information for migrating the RD Web Access role service or the TS Web Access role service by following the steps in the RD Web Access Migration: Preparing to Migrate topic. If you have customized the source server, you should create a custom plan for migrating the RD Web Access or TS Web Access role service.

Use these values during setup and configuration of the server.

Record the data from the RD Web Access source server into the following data worksheets.

This table contains the setting values that are specific to your network policies or the computer that you plan to use. Consult your system administrator for this information.


# Source server settings Setting values


Certificate Type

(SSL certificate with private key is required.)

CheckboxPublic certificate signed by certification authority (CA)

CheckboxEnterprise CA signed by CA

CheckboxEnterprise CA not signed by CA


Obtain SSL certificate

CheckboxExport SSL certificate from source server

CheckboxPurchase SSL certificate by using export tool in Web Server (IIS)

CheckboxObtain SSL certificate with private key from system administrator


Test user credentials

User name: _______________________

Password: ____________________________


Destination authentication settings

(RD Web Access servers do not use ASP.NET Impersonation by default. If it is selected, verify that it is needed on the destination server before migrating it.)

Select all that apply:

Checkbox Anonymous Authentication

Checkbox ASP.NET Impersonation

Checkbox Forms Authentication

Checkbox Windows Authentication

Record the name of the source server and the operating system version it is running.


# Source server settings Setting values


Source server name

Server name: ___________________


Windows Server and Remote Desktop Services version

(Use for roll back steps.)

Select the one that applies:

Checkbox Windows Server 2008 R2 with RD Web Access

Checkbox Windows Server 2008 with TS Web Access

Record the settings retrieved from Web Server (IIS).


# Source server settings Setting values


Source server authentication settings

Select all that apply:

Checkbox Anonymous Authentication

Checkbox ASP.NET Impersonation

Checkbox Forms Authentication

Checkbox Windows Authentication


RD Web Access URL

Forms authentication requires HTTPS. Depending on your deployment, Windows authentication may use HTTP or HTTPS.

The URL should contain the fully qualified domain name. For example, the Forms authentication URL would be https:// <FQDN of the RD Web Access Server>/RDWeb.

https:// ________________/RDWeb

http:// _________________/RDWeb


SSL settings

Select all that apply:

Checkbox https

Checkbox http

Record the RD Connection Broker server name.


# Source server settings Setting values


RD Connection Broker server name

Computer name: ____________________

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