Business intelligence scenarios and solutions

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Applies to: SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise

Topic Last Modified: 2017-07-07

Summary   Learn about using SharePoint 2013 to create solutions for business intelligence.

The articles in this section are intended to help you apply and integrate SharePoint 2013 service applications to meet your business intelligence needs.

The following articles about business intelligence scenarios and solutions are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.


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Configure AdventureWorks for Business Intelligence solutions

Configure the AdventureWorks sample data for use with Excel, Excel Services, and PerformancePoint Services Business Intelligence scenarios.

Business Connectivity Service

Create, publish, and use dashboards that consume AdventureWorks sample data.

Configure Analysis Services for processing data models in Excel Services

Install SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 SP1 CTP3 for processing data models in Excel Services in SharePoint Server 2013.

Secure Store for Business Intelligence service applications (SharePoint Server 2013)

Learn how Secure Store works with Excel Services, PerformancePoint Services, and Visio Services to refresh data on SharePoint Server 2013.

Test Lab Guides for Business Intelligence

This series of articles describes how to configure the Business Intelligence features in SharePoint Server 2013 in a test lab environment.

Use Analysis Services EffectiveUserName in SharePoint Server 2013

Use the EffectiveUserName option in Excel Services or PerformancePoint Services for per-user authentication with Analysis Services data sources.

Use Secure Store with SQL Server Authentication (SharePoint Server 2013)

Use Secure Store Service to store credentials for data sources that require SQL Server Authentication.

Use Visio Services with external lists in SharePoint 2013

Connect to an external list in Visio by using Microsoft Business Connectivity Services and display the diagram in a browser by using Visio Services.

Use Visio Services with SharePoint lists (SharePoint Server 2013)

Connect a Visio diagram to the data in a SharePoint list and maintain that connection when you publish the diagram to SharePoint Server 2013.

Viewing reports and dashboards on mobile devices

Learn how to view reports and dashboards on mobile devices, such as Apple iPad and Windows 8 tablet devices.

Business Intelligence Governance automation using Windows PowerShell

Automate requests for data access by using Windows PowerShell, SharePoint lists, and workflows.

Content Roadmap: Set up and configure SharePoint Server 2013 and SQL Server BI

Design your BI environment by creating a BI Center and setting up the BI tools you need, such as Excel, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, PowerPivot, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services.