catalog.environment_variables (SSISDB Database)


THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server (starting with 2012)noAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Displays the environment variable details for all environments in the Integration Services catalog.

Column nameData typeDescription
variable_idbigintThe unique identifier (ID) of the environment variable.
environment_idbigintThe unique ID of the environment that the variable is associated with.
namesysnameThe name of the environment variable.
descriptionnvarchar(1024)The description of the environment variable.
typenvarchar(128)The data type of the environment variable.
sensitivebitWhen the value is 1, the variable is sensitive and is encrypted when it is stored. When the value is 0, the variable is not sensitive and the value is stored in plaintext.
valuesql_variantThe value of the environment variable. When sensitive is 0, the plaintext value is shown. When sensitive is 1, the NULL value is displayed.

This view displays a row for each environment variable in the catalog.

This view requires one of the following permissions:

  • READ permission on the corresponding environment

  • Membership to the ssis_admin database role

  • Membership to the sysadmin server role

System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

When you have permission to perform an operation on the server, you also have permission to view information about the operation. Row-level security is enforced; only rows that you have permission to view are displayed.

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