Manage role synchronization (Duet Enterprise)

Duet 1.0

Applies to: Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

Topic Last Modified: 2011-08-05

This article describes the procedures that farm administrators perform on a recurring basis to keep SAP roles synchronized between the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 farm and SAP system. This article assumes that a SharePoint administrator has started the User Profile Synchronization service and has created a Profile synchronization connection to the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) service that contains the user accounts that are used by the SharePoint Server farm. For information about how to complete these procedures, see Configure profile synchronization (SharePoint Server 2010) (

We recommend that you perform all of the procedures, in the order listed, at least one time per week.

In this article:

We recommend that you synchronize AD DS with the SharePoint User Profile Store at least once per week. Follow the instructions in Start profile synchronization manually (SharePoint Server 2010) ( to synchronize user profile information between AD DS and SharePoint Server 2010.

Before you start this procedure, do the following:

  • Ensure that the SAP administrator has configured SAML to create an endpoint.

  • Ensure that the “Synchronize roles to consumers” job has finished running on the SAP system.

    The SAP administrator must run the “Synchronize roles to consumers” job periodically to synchronize the user roles on the SAP system to the profile store on the server running SAP NetWeaver. We recommend that you do not synchronize the SAP user profile store with the SharePoint User Profile Store until the SAP administrator has completed the synchronization job. Otherwise, the synchronization job between the SAP profile store and the SharePoint User Profile Store can take much longer to complete. Note that the “Synchronize roles to consumers” job takes approximately 80 minutes to synchronize 100,000 users, while synchronizing the profile store in SAP NetWeaver to the SharePoint User Profile Store takes approximately 100 minutes to synchronize 100,000 users. If you plan to schedule these synchronization jobs, we recommend that you run them manually first to determine how much time each takes, on average, to run on your systems.

To synchronize SAP roles with the SharePoint User Profile Store
  1. Verify that you have the following administrative credentials:

    • You must be a member of the Farm Administrators group.

  2. In Central Administration, on the Quick Launch, click Monitoring.

  3. On the Monitoring page, in the Timer Jobs section, click Review job definitions.

  4. On the Job Definitions page, in the Title column, click the Duet Enterprise Profile Synchronization for <User profile service application name> link.

    Where <User profile service application name> is the name of the User Profile Service Application that you are using for role synchronization.

    By default, the name of this link is Duet Enterprise Profile Synchronization for User Profile Service Application.
  5. On the Edit Timer Job page, click Run Now.

    By default, this timer job is scheduled to run one time per day but you can configure it to run less often if it causes a performance problem.

    For more information about SharePoint timer jobs, see View timer job status (SharePoint Server 2010) (