Deployment (Duet Enterprise)


Applies to: Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP

Topic Last Modified: 2011-08-05

The articles in this section help you install and configure Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP on servers running SharePoint Server 2010. For information about the steps for deploying Duet Enterprise on the SAP environment, see the Duet Enterprise SAP Deployment Guide. SAP documentation is available on the SAP Support Portal ( To find the SAP documentation, in the navigation pane of the SAP Support Portal site, expand SAP Business Suite Applications, expand Duet Enterprise, expand Duet Enterprise 1.0, and then download the appropriate guide.

In this section:

  • Before you begin (

    Describes how the process of deploying Duet Enterprise requires a coordinated effort between a SharePoint administrator and SAP administrator, describes how to use the Deployment worksheet, and recommends the order of tasks in which to deploy Duet Enterprise.

  • Prepare for deployment (

    Describes the hardware and software prerequisites that you must have installed before installing Duet Enterprise and the administrator, service, and user accounts that you will need to complete a deployment of Duet Enterprise. The server certificates that you will need for deployment are also described.

  • Deployment steps for SharePoint administrators (

    Provides the step-by-step procedures for installing and configuring Duet Enterprise.

  • End user considerations (

    Describes the tasks that you must complete and the tasks that you might need to complete on end-user computers after completing the deployment of Duet Enterprise on the servers running SharePoint Server 2010.

  • Upgrade Duet Enterprise (

    Describes how members of the rapid deployment program can upgrade to the general availability version of Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP.

  • Uninstall (

    Provides the steps for uninstalling specific Duet Enterprise solutions and all Duet Enterprise solutions.