Applies to: Office 365, SharePoint Online

Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09

Returns application errors.

Get-SPOAppErrors [-ProductId] <Guid> [[-StartTimeInUtc] <DateTime>] [[-EndTimeInUtc] <DateTime>]

The Get-SPOAppErrors cmdlet returns application monitoring errors (if available) for the application that is specified by ProductId between StartTimeInUtc in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and EndTimeInUtc in UTC.

Based on server configuration, errors are available for a limited time. The default is seven days. Older errors are purged. Date time values that are older than 50 years or later than 20 years from today are considered invalid

Each error includes the error message, time in UTC that error happened, the site where the error happened, and the error type. Values for error type are as follows: 0 – None, 1 – Install Error, 2 – Upgrade Error, 3 – Runtime Error.

You must be a SharePoint Online global administrator to run the cmdlet.

SharePoint Online Management Shell


Parameter Required Type Description




Specifies the application’s GUID.




Specifies the start time in UTC to search for monitoring errors — for example, 01032011:12:00. If no start time is given, the default value 72 hours before the current time is used.




Specifies the end time in UTC to search for monitoring errors. If no end time is given, the default value current time in UTC is used.


Get-SPOAppErrors -ProductId ba51729b-e017-409d-681a-66f1dd18f0f4

This example returns a collection of monitoring error message(s) for application whose GUID is ba51729b-e017-409d-681a-66f1dd18f0f4.