Applies to: Office 365, SharePoint Online

Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09

Returns all installed applications.

Get-SPOAppInfo [[-ProductId] <Guid>] [[-Name] <String>]

The Get-SPOAppInfo cmdlet gets all the installed applications from an external marketplace or from the App Catalog that contain Name in their application names or the installed application with mentioned ProductId. ProductId takes precedence if not empty.

Either ProductId or Name must be given. Name is ignored if ProductId is specified.

The returned collection of installed applications contains Product ID (GUID), Product name and Source. Values for source type are as follows: 0 = App Catalog and 1 = Marketplace.

You must be a SharePoint Online global administrator to run the cmdlet.

SharePoint Online Management Shell


Parameter Required Type Description




Specifies the application’s GUID.




Specifies the application’s name.

--------Example 1--------

Get-SPOAppInfo -Name "Excel Service"                    

Example 1 returns all the installed applications from the external marketplace or from the App Catalog that contain "Excel Service" in their application names.

--------Example 2--------

Get-SPOAppInfo -ProductId 6751729b-e017-409d-681a-66f1dd18f0ff                    

Example 2 returns the installed application that has the GUID 6751729b-e017-409d-681a-66f1dd18f0ff.