StreamInsight Programming Considerations


This topic describes some requirements for StreamInsight programming.

StreamInsight supports the.NET Framework 4 for application development.

Your application must target .NET Framework 4 (not the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile).

When you install a new version of StreamInsight, the new version is installed side-by-side with previously installed versions. Applications and libraries that were compiled against previous versions continue to run without modification. After installing a new version of StreamInsight, you will observe the following changes on your computer:

  • The new assemblies are installed in a new folder in the file system. For example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft StreamInsight 2.1.

  • The new assemblies are installed side-by-side with the previously installed versions in the global assembly cache (GAC).

  • In MicrosoftVisual Studio, you can develop against any of the installed versions of StreamInsight. The assemblies for each installed version appear in the Add Reference dialog box.

  • If you compile an application against a newer version of StreamInsight, the application will fail with an exception if you run it against an older version of StreamInsight.

For additional information, see “Installing a New Version of StreamInsight” in Installation (StreamInsight).

When you pass the name of a StreamInsight object in a method call, the strings are compared by ordinal only, in a manner that ignores the culture. As a result, some strings may be identified as different by ordinal when in fact they are identical in the intended culture. This issue can occur when you are creating a new object or retrieving an existing object by using any method or property that accepts a string parameter, for example, CreateApplication.