About Dependencies Between Access Rights

[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011]

Sometimes, security dependencies exist because it is necessary to have more than one access right to perform a given action. For example, if you have the create access right for accounts, you can create a record of the account entity type. However, unless you also have read access for accounts, you cannot create an account record and be the owner of that new record.

The following table lists the access right dependencies for the actions specified.


Action Access rights required

To Create a record and be the record owner



To Share a record

SHARE. This right is required by the person doing the share operation.

READ. This right is required by the person doing the share operation and also by the person with whom the record is being shared.

To Assign a record




To Append To a record



To Append a record



Another type of dependency exists when objects are subordinate to another object. For example, the opportunity object cannot exist on its own. Each opportunity is always attached to an account or contact. To create an opportunity, you must have the access right appendto on accounts and the access right append on opportunities.

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