Viewing Group Chat Server Status and Configuration Information

Lync Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-24

The Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Group Chat Configuration tool lists the active domain where Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Group Chat is installed, together with the computer name where the services are installed. It also provides the following information for Lync Server 2010, Group Chat running in the active domain, and the service(s) installed locally on the computer:

  • Status Identifies whether each server or service is running or stopped.

    Status information is also available in the Services snap-in in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). For details about how to view status, see Monitoring, Starting, or Stopping Services.
  • Run As Shows the user name of the account you have specified to run this service.

  • Path Identifies the location of the server or service.

  • Start/Stop Allows you to change the status of the server or service by clicking a link that is adjacent to each server or service name (except the Web service, which this tool cannot start or stop). For details about how to stop and start servers or services, see Using the Services Snap-in with Group Chat Servers.

  • Change Allows you to change credentials for a server or service by clicking a button next to the server or service name to open the Change Credentials dialog box. For details, see Changing Group Chat Service Credentials.

  1. Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Group Chat.

  2. Open the Group Chat Configuration tool.

  3. View Status, Run As, and Path, and use Start/Stop, Change, or both to make any necessary changes.

  4. If you make changes, click Refresh to update the status of any services that are running on the computer where the Group Chat Configuration tool is run. For example, if the Services snap-in is used to stop the Channel service, it does not appear as stopped until the information is refreshed.