Call Admission Control Deployment Checklist


Topic Last Modified: 2011-11-04

Use the following checklist to verify that you have completed all the necessary configuration tasks to deploy call admission control (CAC).

  • If one or more Edge Servers is deployed, each external interface IP address must be added to the subnet list in the network configuration settings, with a bit mask of 32. You should also associate this subnet (IP address) with the network site ID for the geographic location where the A/V Edge service is deployed.

    Edge servers are not required to implement CAC.
  • Ensure that CAC is enabled, either through Lync Server Control Panel or by running the cmdlet as specified in Enable Call Admission Control.

  • Ensure that CAC is enabled in all central sites. This can be done through the Topology Builder. If a warning is generated when you publish, do not ignore it.

  • Ensure that all the subnets that are managed in the enterprise network are configured in the network configuration settings. It is also essential that every subnet be associated to a network site, as explained in Associate a Subnet with a Network Site.

  • Ensure the subnet or IP addresses of all Front End Servers, Survivable Branch Appliances, Audio/Video Conferencing Servers (if in a separate pool), and Mediation Servers are configured in the network configuration settings.