Create and Change the Field Layout in a PivotTable or PivotChart Report

SQL Server 2012

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After you create a PivotTable or PivotChart report, use the PowerPivot Field List to add fields. If you want to change a PivotTable or PivotChart report, use the field list to rearrange and remove fields. By default, the PowerPivot Field List displays two sections: a field section at the top for adding and removing fields, and a section at the bottom for rearranging and repositioning fields.

The PowerPivot Field List opens with a list of all tables in the current workbook displayed. You can either navigate to a field you want by browsing the tables, or, if you know the field name, you can use the Search text box to choose fields to add to the report. You can drag a field to the different areas of the PivotTable report:

  • Slicers Vertical and Slicers Horizontal. For more information, see About Slicers in this topic.

  • Report Filter

  • Column Labels

  • Row Labels

  • Values

For more information about these areas, see PowerPivot Field List.

To add fields to a report

  • To add fields to a report, select the check box next to each field name in the field list. The field is placed in a default area of the layout section, but you can rearrange the fields if you want. By default, nonnumeric fields are added to the Row Labels area and numeric fields are added to the Values area.

To rearrange fields in a report

  • To rearrange fields in a report: click and drag a field; or right-click a field name in the layout section, click Move, and then click one of the move options.

To remove fields from a report

  • To remove a field, right-click the field name in one of the layout areas, and then click Remove Field.

  • To remove all instances of a field from the layout section, clear the check box next to the field name in the field list.

Slicers are one-click filtering controls that narrow down the portion of a data set shown in PivotTables and PivotCharts. Slicers can be used in both Microsoft Excel workbooks and PowerPivot workbooks, to interactively filter and to analyze data. In PowerPivot workbooks, when you add a Slicer by using the Slicers Horizontal area of the PowerPivot Field List, the Slicer is automatically placed in the horizontal Slicer zone beside the PivotTable. When you add a Slicer using the Slicers Vertical area, the Slicer is placed in the vertical Slicer zone. For more information, see Filter Data Using Slicers.