Connect to a DB2 Database

SQL Server 2012

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This page of the Table Import Wizard enables you to specify settings to connect to a DB2 database. To access the wizard from the PowerPivot window, on the Home tab, in the Get External Data group, click the type of data source from which you want to import tables.

To connect to a data source, you must have the appropriate provider installed on your computer. For more information about supported data sources and providers, see Data Sources Supported in PowerPivot Workbooks.

Friendly connection name

Type a unique name for this data source connection. This is a required field.

Server name

Type or select the server instance to connect to.

User name

Specify a user name for the database connection.


Specify a password for the database connection.

Save my password

Specify whether the password you have entered in the Password box is stored.

Database name

Select a database from the list of databases.

Package Collection

Specify the name of the collection for the DB2 packages. A provider uses packages to issue SQL statements and call stored procedures.

Default Schema

Specify the name of the default schema for the selected database.


Set additional connection properties by using the Set Advanced Properties dialog box. For more information, see Set Advanced Properties.

Test Connection

Attempt to establish a connection to the data source using the current settings. A message is displayed indicating whether the connection is successful.

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