Detecting and Creating Relationships Dialog Box

SQL Server 2012

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The Detecting and Creating dialog box presents information about new relationships that are created automatically when you add new fields in a PivotTable or PivotChart. To access this dialog box, in the PowerPivot Field List, add a field from a table that is not already related to a table in the PivotTable, and then click Create when Relationship may be needed is displayed.

The process consists of two steps:

  • Detection of relationships

  • Creation of the relationships

When there are many fields in the PivotTable that might be related, the process of analysis can take a long time. You can cancel the detection process, but you cannot cancel the creation process.

Note Note

The algorithm for automatic detection of relationships takes into account the data type of the field, and other factors such as the number of values and distinct values, field names, etc. For more information about the heuristics used for automatic detection, see Relationships Overview.


Displays the status of analysis.

Click the Details link at the right side of the Status area to open the Relationship Details dialog box and view information about warnings or errors that were raised after detection. For example, if no relationships were created, the Relationship Details report provides more information about the reason that detection failed.

Work item

Shows the status of the detection operation.


Click the link to view information about any new relationships that were created.

If detection was successful, the information in the Relationship Details report lists the new relationships that were created, including the columns and tables that were joined.


Click to exit the dialog box and return to the Excel PivotTable area.