Troubleshooting FEP and Configuration Manager

Updated: January 1, 2011

Applies To: Forefront Endpoint Protection

Forefront Endpoint Protection (FEP) is built on Configuration Manager. Because of the tight integration with Configuration Manager, troubleshooting common issues with FEP frequently involves troubleshooting Configuration Manager.

You can find information about Troubleshooting Configuration Manager 2007 ( in the Configuration Manager Documentation Library. Additionally, the table below lists various Configuration Manager troubleshooting resources and how those resources apply to troubleshooting FEP.


Resource Description

Troubleshooting Software Distribution (

FEP uses the Software Distribution feature of Configuration Manager for the following tasks:

  • Client software deployment (via software packages)

  • Policy deployment

  • On-demand scans

  • Forcing a definition update

Troubleshooting Software Updates (

Contains information relevant to definition updates. By default, FEP uses Software Updates in Configuration Manager and WSUS to deliver definition updates to computers running the FEP client software.

Troubleshooting Desired Configuration Management (

Contains information relevant to troubleshooting FEP and Desired Configuration Management (DCM). DCM is used in FEP to populate data into the dashboard and for any custom configuration baselines you enforce for your collections.