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Backing Up Service Manager 2010 SP1 Management Servers

Updated: December 1, 2010

Applies To: System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1

When Service Manager 2010 SP1 is deployed, an encryption key is created and stored in the registry on the management servers and Self-Service Portal. The matching encryption key is created on the associated databases. In addition, the computer name of the management server and Self-Service Portal is stored on the associated databases. The encryption keys for the Service Manager management server and Self-Service Portal are stored in the Service Manager database. The matching encryption key for the data warehouse management server is stored in the DWStagingAndConfig database. By backing up the SQL Server databases, you have backed up the encryption key.

Regardless of whether you encounter a software or hardware failure of a management server or Self-Service Portal, your recovery process centers around restoring a computer that has the same computer name. The following overview outlines the steps to follow to recover from a management server failure.

  1. Restore the encryption keys before you run Setup and install the new management servers.

  2. Install the new management server on a computer that has the same name as the original.

  3. When you install the management server, you have to select Use an existing database and then specify the name of the computer hosting the associated database.

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Back Up the Encryption Key in Service Manager 2010 SP1
Describes how to back up the Service Manager encryption key.

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