Adding Servers


Topic Last Modified: 2010-12-06

Each server to be managed by the Microsoft Forefront Protection Server Management Console (FPSMC) needs to be added and configured in the console.

If you would like to watch a video that walks you through the process for adding a server, see Configuring FPSMC on TechNet Edge.

To add a server
  1. Click Server Management in the Administration section of the Navigation Area. The Server Management pane appears.

  2. Click Add Servers. The Add Servers pane appears.

  3. To add the servers you wish to manage, you can either enter the fully qualified domain name (fqdn) of the server in the Selected servers list field or you can search for the servers using the Domain browser field. Entering the server as an IP address is not supported.

    When managing servers that are not in the same domain as the FPSMC, you must enter the servers as fully qualified domain names (FQDN) in order for them to be resolved as computer objects. For example, if you’d like to add a server from the domain, you would enter in the Selected Servers list field. You cannot use the Domain browser field to locate servers that are not in the same domain.
    1. If you are selecting servers using the Domain browser field, select the appropriate domain from the Domain list.

    2. You can use the Server type list to limit the servers returned to only Exchange servers or SharePoint servers. By default, both types of servers are returned.

    3. Click Find Now and the results will be returned in the Servers field.

    4. Select the servers you wish to add by clicking on them to highlight them. To select multiple servers, select the first server and click and hold the Ctrl button while you select additional servers.

    5. Click the Add button and the servers will be automatically added to the Selected servers list field.

  4. After you have added each server, click Verify to ensure that the server paths were entered correctly.

    This will only verify that domain-joined servers can be resolved as computer objects. It cannot verify that nondomain joined servers were entered correctly.
  5. You can, optionally, assign the selected servers to a server group using the Select Group option. Select the appropriate group under the Product deployment groups drop-down menu. The new servers will be added to the Default group, if you do not select a group. You can also add these servers to additional groups at any time using the Server Group Management pane. For more information about server groups, see Configuring Server Groups.

  6. Click Save and the servers listed in the Selected Servers list field will be added to the FPSMC. They will now appear in the Server Management pane.

Once you have added servers to the console, you must still deploy the FPSMC agent on each of the managed servers. For instructions on how to deploy agents see Deploying Agents to Servers.

When you search for Exchange and SharePoint servers using the Domain browser field, it is possible for the FPSMC to return servers that are no longer in the organization, or previously had Exchange or SharePoint installed on them but no longer do. To prevent these servers from appearing in the search results, you must manually remove their old Active Directory® markers. You can remove these markers using ADSI Edit. They are located under the main entry for the server and their Common Name (CN) is ForefrontProtection. To delete the marker, locate and right-click it in ADSI Edit, and select Delete.