Console Layout for a Backup Server


Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-23

The Console is slightly different for a server that has a backup role. This remains true even if the primary server fails and a backup server takes over.

The Navigation Area of a backup server has the following options:


Global Configuration

Displays the Global Configuration work pane. On a backup server, this pane displays the Replication Settings section. These settings control how often the backup server replicates data from the primary server. For more information, see Redundancy.



Displays the Jobs work pane. Only the Signature Redistribution jobs can be managed on a backup server.


Notification Logs

Displays the Notification Logs work pane, which include the FPSMC activity logs for Redistribution and Data Replication.


Online Help

Displays the online Help file.

Privacy Statement

Displays the privacy statement.