Product Activation Jobs


Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-23

After you have purchased a license for your evaluation copy of Forefront Protection, you will want to activate it and license it on all of your remote servers. You can activate and license Forefront Protection Server products using the Product Activation job.

To create a Product Activation job
  1. Click Jobs, located in the Navigation Area under Job Management, to open the Jobs work pane.

  2. Select Product Activation Jobs in the Jobs list.

  3. Click Create. The Product Activation pane opens.

  4. Enter a name for the job in the Job name field.

  5. Schedule the job for a particular date and time, if desired, by selecting the Schedule job option and entering a date and time. If you leave the Schedule job option cleared, you must manually run the job.

  6. To activate the Forefront Protection products select the Activate product option and enter the activation key in the Product activation key field.

  7. To update the licensing information for the Forefront Protection products, select the Update licensing information option and enter the license number and expiration date in the appropriate fields.

  8. Select the servers that the job will run on in the Target Selection section.

  9. Click OK to complete the job configuration. The job will immediately appear under the Product Activation Jobs node in the Jobs list.

Once you have created a Product Activation job you can edit it, copy it, delete it, run it, and check its status.