Managing Servers


Topic Last Modified: 2010-11-23

This section describes the various actions you can take on your managed servers:

  • Adding Servers—Each server to be managed by the FPSMC must be added to the console.

  • Deploying Agents to Servers—The FPSMC agent acts as an interface between the FPSMC and the managed server. Once a server has been added to the console, you must deploy the agent to the server for the FPSMC to manage it.

  • Adding Servers Using Auto Discovery—The FPSMC can discover new FPE and FPSP servers that have been added to your environment.

  • Removing Servers—When a server is removed from the FPSMC, it is no longer managed by the console.

  • Configuring Server Groups—You can use server groups to group your servers for the purpose of deployment, engine updates, or configuration.

One instance of FPSMC can support up to 100 managed FPE and FPSP servers. If you would like to manage more than 100 FPE and FPSP servers, it is recommended that you install multiple instances of FPSMC. For more information about installing multiple instances of FPSMC, see Before You Begin.