Spam Detection Report


Topic Last Modified: 2010-12-14

The Spam Detection report collects and presents data about the number of spam messages blocked by Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server.

To view the Spam Detection report
  1. Click Spam Detection, located in the Navigation Area under Reports, to open the Spam Detection work pane.

  2. Under Select Products, verify that the Exchange option is selected.

  3. Select the date range for which you would like the report to cover. By default, the date range is one week ending at the current time.

  4. Select the servers that you would like to include in the report. By default, no servers are selected.

  5. Click Generate Report. The Spam Detection Report appears.

Before viewing the report, you should first open the Global Configuration work pane and click the Poll Now button to ensure that the FPSMC has the most recent data from the managed servers.

The spam detection report contains two sections: Distribution of Detections and Trend of Spam Detections. The Distribution of Detections section displays a pie chart that shows how many messages were blocked by Connection Filtering, SMTP Filtering, Content Filtering (Rejected or Deleted), Backscatter Filtering, and Content Filtering (Quarantined).

The Trend of Spam Detections section shows a line graph that shows quarantined spam and the number of spam messages detected by FPE by connection filtering, SMTP filtering, content filtering, backscatter filtering. It also displays a chart showing how many spam messages were detected in a specific interval.