This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Performing Unattended Installation

You can also install DPM 2010 using the unattended install option. The unattended install option allows you to create an answer file (.ini) and let the setup run without you monitoring it.

Performing an unattended installation

  1. Create the DPMSetup.ini file to the computer where you want to perform the installation.

  2. At an elevated command prompt, use the following command start /wait setup.exe /i /f <path>\Dpmsetup.ini /l <path>\dpmlog.txt

Make sure that all DPM prerequisites are already installed before running the unattended installation. For a list of DPM server prerequisites, see DPM Server Software Prerequisites

Creating DPMSetup.ini

  1. Open a Notepad file.

  2. Paste the following contents into the file.

    UserName = <A user with credentials to install DPM>
    CompanyName = <Name of your company>
    ProductKey = <The 25-character DPM product key in the format xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx>
    SqlAccountPassword = <The password to the DPM$ account>
    # StandardAgentLicenses = <No. of standard agent licenses you have purchased>
    # EnterpriseAgentLicenses = <No. of enterprise agent licenses you have purchased>
    # ProgramFiles = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager
    # DatabaseFiles = C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Protection Manager\DPM\DPMDB
    # IntegratedInstallSource = <Location of the DPM setup files>
    # YukonMachineName = <Name of the SQL Server computer>
    # YukonInstanceName = <Name of the instance of SQL Server that Setup must use>
    # YukonMachineUserName = <User name that Setup must user>
    # YukonMachinePassword = <Password for the user name Setup must use>
    # YukonMachineDomainName = <Domain to which the SQL Server computer is attached>
  3. Replace the text in <> with values from your environment.

  4. Save the file as DPMSetup.ini.

Note that the entries from line 5 onwards have been commented out. DPM setup will take default values for commented entries. If you want DPM to take a specific value, uncomment the entry by removing the hash (#) symbol.