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Deployment Troubleshooting

Updated: March 10, 2011

Applies To: Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization 2.0

This topic includes information to help you troubleshoot deployment issues in Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) 2.0.

The following issue might occur when you deploy MED-V. The solution helps troubleshoot this issue.

  • Problems Occur if Installing MED-V for Current User Only. MED-V only supports the installation of the MED-V Workspace Packager, the MED-V Host Agent, and the MED-V workspace for all users. Installing for the current user only causes failures in the installation of the components and in the setup of the MED-V workspace.


    Never use the option ALLUSERS=”” when installing the MED-V components.

  • MED-V Requires Exclusive Use of the Virtualization Stack. Only one virtualization stack can be run at a time on a computer. Windows Virtual PC must use the virtual stack, and MED-V depends on Windows Virtual PC. Therefore, if you try to deploy or use MED-V when other applications are running that use the virtual stack, MED-V cannot run or be successfully installed.


    Close any application that is running that uses the virtualization stack before you install or run MED-V.

  • Shortcuts Remain after Uninstall. By default, when you uninstall MED-V, shortcuts in the end user’s Start menu are removed. However, in certain situations, such as for end users who are running roaming profiles, shortcuts to MED-V published applications remain in the end user’s Start menu.


    To manually delete the remaining shortcuts on the Start menu, right-click the shortcuts, and then click Remove .

  • Disable Logon Message Group Policy Setting in the MED-V Workspace. If the Windows XP logon message is enabled in the MED-V workspace, the end user must log on every time they want to open a MED-V virtual application. This creates a poor user experience.


    Disable the following Group Policy settings in the MED-V virtual machine:

    Interactive logon: Message text for users attempting to log on

    Interactive logon: Message title for users attempting to log on

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