Installing Guide

Welcome to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installing Guide. This guide is part of a comprehensive set of documents that describe how to plan, implement, and operate Microsoft Dynamics CRM versions installed and maintained at the organization's premises (on-premises versions).

Installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, just like any enterprise-wide software, is a significant task for any organization. This guide is written for the individual or team responsible for installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

This guide also assumes that the required planning and information collecting has been completed before you install Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Organizations implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM software might use the services of an independent software vendor (ISV) or value-added reseller, a consultant, or other organization partnering with Microsoft. These professionals can help you with implementing and maintaining Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Because of this assumption, there may be references in this guide to these partners who are expected to provide various services to you.