SharePoint Document Management software requirements

Microsoft SharePoint is not required to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. However, to use document management functionality with SharePoint one of the following Microsoft SharePoint editions is required and must be installed, running, and at least one Microsoft SharePoint site collection configured and available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2011:

  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (all editions)
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007

You enable document management functionality with SharePoint in the Settings area of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application. Notice that the user who accesses SharePoint from Microsoft Dynamics CRM must have appropriate permissions on the SharePoint site collection where the Microsoft Dynamics CRM List components are installed. For more information about how to grant membership on a SharePoint site collection, see the SharePoint Help.


For documents to appear in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 by using the grid view, the grid component must be installed. If the component is not installed the data will appear in a windowless inline floating frame (IFrame).

Although, you can use document management functionality with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, the data will always appear in an IFrame.