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Topic Last Modified: 2012-03-22

More and more businesses are adopting Microsoft Online Services to manage data backups, server hardware, and server updates. Customers are willing to pay a monthly or annual fee for the peace of mind that these and other services provide. As an authorized partner of Microsoft, you can promote these services to your customers. You can then assist your customers by performing administrative tasks, resetting passwords, and creating service requests.

The Microsoft Online Services Portal offers different pages and features to different users. As a partner, you sign in to the portal, and then click the Partner link in the header to go to the Partner Overview page. Use the links on the Partner Overview page to find your customers and build and manage relationships with them.

Before you interact with your customers the first time, we recommend that you verify that your company information is correct. Your company information, such as phone number and email address, is exposed to your customers in a variety of locations in the portal.

Your company name appears as a link in the left pane of the Partner Overview page. Click this link to view your company information. If you have global administrator permissions, you can change this information if necessary.

To assist your customers, you can perform administration tasks, create service requests, and reset passwords for them. To learn how to help your customers with these tasks and more, see Find and assist customers.

As a partner, you have your own company account with Microsoft Online Services which includes user accounts. To manage users and administrator settings, go to the Admin Overview page and click Users in the left pane. For more information, see Create, edit, or delete users in Office 365 Help. For information about administrator roles and permissions, see Assigning administrator roles in Office 365 Help.

When you create a new user or edit an existing user, you choose which permissions you want to give the user on the Settings tab:

  • Assign administrative access to your company: Give the user access to the Admin Overview page by selecting Yes. Depending on the role you choose, the user will have different administrative privileges for your own company.

  • Assign administrative access to companies you support: Give the user access to the Partner Overview page by selecting Yes. Both the Full administration and Limited administration roles give the user the ability to create trial invitations and purchase offers.

You may also need to manage domains and configure service settings. The Introduction for Office 365 administrators in Office 365 Help covers these subjects and much more.

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